Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's New with I Heart Art: SF - Co-Chairs

There's a whole lot of action going on behind the scenes here at I Heart Art: San Francisco! And by that I mean, I'm going to start letting you all in on that action. In a series of three posts, of course! :) Here's the first of the group:


Meet Tammy George
I Heart Art: San Francisco's new Co-Chair!

Tammy George has been an artist for as long as she can remember & that passion drives her to want to help people in the Bay Area to connect with one another over something meaningful: ART!

With experience in fields ranging from general merchandise buyer for retail boutiques, managing teams of 80+ employees, attending FIDM for both fashion and interior design , workshop leader and Color (un)Therory enthusiast, I feel that Tammy is just what this initiative needs to get going in the right direction.

Looks for more posts by Tammy about our coordinated efforts for getting I Heart Art: San Francisco events happening in the Bay Area!

Steph Cortés
Co-Chair of I Heart Art: San Francisco
Tammy was sweet enough to bring up that you all need to meet the OTHER Co-Chair! hehe

Aside from constantly giving into the geekiest of impulses, Steph Cortés has been enjoying being in leadership positions from the age of 14. With experiences as a Team Leader in Jumpstart with Americorps, Sales Manager for a flagship retail establishment & even a "Sandwich Artist" Assistant Manager, she loves to help other people get to where they want to be.

Upon entering the craft show circuit in June 2010, Steph instantly loved all the people she met in the SF artist scene & hungered for more! She helped out with recruiting for Market SF & went on to help organize SF Etsy's last show, Winter Wonderland Craft Bazaar at Urban Bazaar.

Recently accepting a position in the SF Etsy Leadership Team, Steph volunteered to lead up the I Heart Art: San Francisco initiative because of her enthusiasm for all things surrounding the local craft community. When the opportunity to connect tons of local crafters, artists, institutions & organizations presented itself, it's no wonder she was stoked!

Feel free to chat her up about I Heart ART: SF or general nerdity in an email.

Got questions, comments & ideas? Contact the I Heart Art: SF Co-Chairs here! Or stay connected with what's going on by signing up for our newsletter.

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