Vanessa Bertozzi
Director of Community & Education, Etsy

“Too much is never enough” — That’s Vanessa Bertozzi’s motto, especially when it comes to Etsy and the handmade movement. Vanessa works at Etsy as Director of Community and Education, running a special project to foster partnerships between Etsy and art schools, museums, organizations and locals. Previously she launched and ran the Etsy Blog. Before she joined Etsy in January 2007, Vanessa made a documentary about the history of used clothing and diaspora communities, and earned a Master’s in Comparative Media Studies at MIT. Vanessa comes from a family of artists on one side and bankruptcy lawyers on the other. This dual nature fuels her passion to help creative entrepreneurs succeed.

Genevieve Robertson
Co-Chair of I Heart Art: San Francisco

Genevieve is a photographer, writer and thinker. After many years in the restaurant publicity business she decided to take the road less traveled and co-founded Lightbox SF. Now she helps clients with creative businesses tell their own stories and embrace their uniqueness. It is her honest belief that with dedication and creative thinking anyone can make a viable business from their talent and strengths and that everyone deserves to live their dream. To that end she is extremely excited to be a part of I Heart Art: San Francisco where she'll be able to support and nurture this creative community that she believes so much in.

Steph Cortés
Co-Chair of I Heart Art: San Francisco

Aside from constantly giving into the geekiest of impulses, Steph Cortés has been enjoying being in leadership positions from the age of 14. With experiences as a Team Leader in Jumpstart with Americorps, Sales Manager for a flagship retail establishment & even a "Sandwich Artist" Assistant Manager, she loves to help other people get to where they want to be. Upon entering the craft show circuit in June 2010, Steph instantly loved all the people she met in the SF artist scene & hungered for more! She helped out with recruiting for Market SF & went on to help organize SF Etsy's winter show, Winter Wonderland Craft Bazaar at Urban Bazaar. Recently accepting a position in the SF Etsy Leadership Team, Steph volunteered to lead up the I Heart Art: San Francisco initiative because of her enthusiasm for all things surrounding the local craft community. When the opportunity to connect tons of local crafters, artists, institutions & organizations presented itself, it's no wonder she was stoked!

Morgan Evans
Community Organizer and Teams Coordinator, Etsy

Morgan is happiest when bringing people together. Her main focus at Etsy is on the Teams program, where anyone on Etsy can self-organize, meet people with common interests and collaborate. Among other things, she runs the Team Grants program and sends out a weekly newsletter detailing team activities and opportunities. At the core of all of these initiatives is her drive to connect people and build communities. She is committed to fostering and encouraging relationships between artists, crafters and conscious consumers all over the world. A native New Yorker, Morgan attended Oberlin College in Ohio and lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico before returning to the East Coast in 2009. She lives in Brooklyn, draws comics, rides a bike, screen prints, builds dioramas and surrounds herself with people who inspire her.

Jen Johnson
Volunteer Coordinator and Leadership Council Member

Whether it’s answering emails, organizing volunteers, or writing up an article for the newsletter, she’s delighted to lend her voice and experience to the IHA:SF initiative. Poet, teacher, blogger, community organizer, crafting addict, and mother of two, Jen is also the Mama in Mama’s Magic Studio. Her “handmade magic” includes artisan knitting needles and custom designed mother’s jewelry. When her hands aren’t busy beading, weaving wire, sewing, learning a new craft, cooking, or taking care of her kids, they are usually writing or holding a book. Jen has been part of the Etsy community since 2006, and she is currently the Team Captain for the SF Etsy Street Team. When Etsy approached Jen about starting I Heart Art: San Francisco in collaboration with the SF Etsy Street Team, she knew that something amazing would result! With so much local creativity and such amazing resources in the Bay Area, it seemed a natural fit. Jen is always happy to talk about the local crafting scene and especially the resources available through the SF Etsy Street Team. Feel free to email her. with any questions, comments, or suggestions!