Friday, October 21, 2011

Introducing a new Co-Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Genevieve and I am honored to be introducing myself to all of you as the new Co-Chair of I Heart Art: San Francisco along with the much loved Steph Cortes. Some of you may know me as the Co-Founder of Lightbox SF, the creative business coaching service I run here in San Francisco. For those of you who've never heard of me before you can read a little more on our Who page.

You may be thinking that I have a lot of "Co" titles in my life and well... I do. I believe in collaboration and community and not going it alone, so I guess it's fitting. That's also the part of I Heart Art that I'm most excited about, creating and supporting the local community of crafters, artists, makers and creatives. 

To that end I have a few teasers: 

Over the coming weeks we'll be running a series of blog posts focused on creating the best booth display ever. We know many of you are in heads-down mode getting ready for the chaos that December will bring and we want to help you make it the best holiday season yet. So keep checking back over the next few weeks for advice, resources and tips to make your holiday shows a smashing success. 

Steph and I are also in the beginning stages of planning an after the holidays social. Once we've all made it through and had a little recovery time we want to gather to lick our wounds and trade war stories. Of course this will also be a chance for us to talk more directly to all of you about what you want to see for I Heart Art in the coming year and for us to answer your questions. We'll let you know as soon as the details start coming together. 

Lastly, I also want to encourage all of you to send us your questions and suggestions. I Heart Art is still new to San Francisco and we're just figuring out what it should be. While Steph and I have many ideas it's also for all of you, so please don't hesitate to tell us what sort of support you need and programs you'd like to see. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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