Saturday, September 17, 2011

Watch Hello Etsy LIVE all weekend!

It's so amazing that we can all participate in a worldwide event like Hello Etsy as a community, don't you think?

etsy on Broadcast Live Free

If you can't make it to the Hello Etsy event happening at CCA, our community has come together to host a FREE viewing of this global conference at your local TechShop SF! There's already over 50 peeps RSVP'd for this Sunday's broadcast! Click here for details!

Or, if you'd like to view Hello Etsy and watch all the awesomeness from your own screen, feel free to check out the free, unlimited content through Etsy's LiveStream channel! You can even RSVP to certain talks ahead of time, which means you'll be sent an email reminder before the talk to get online. :D

Check what's happening with Hello Etsy here!

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